Description of Implant

What is implant?

Artificial tooth made of specialty metal (titanium) of properties similar to natural tooth, which is implanted in the gum of withdrawn tooth

Implant operation procedures

It is very important to have consultation on conditions of the gum and alveolar bone, disease history in the past and present disease of patient to improve success rate of implant operation. It is recommended to establish treatment plan based on sufficient consultation and trustfulness with operator.

1 st

Establishing diagnosis and treatment plan
Establish implant operation dependent upon the conditions of patient.

2 st

Implant operation

Implant is implanted on desired position by doctor during operation.

3 st

Secondary operation and impression taking

Secondary operation is performed, and then impression is taken for forming the final crown.

4 st

Installing final prosthesis

Artificial crown is fabricated, and cemented to the abutment.